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Location-Based App

Location Based Mobile App Development – Connect to customers in real-time

Key Features Distinguishing Our Location Based Mobile Apps

We digitally index physical location of your business including products, services and another point of interests. It makes your mobile app more interactive for a business specific product or service search, availability and location features, mapping and navigation indoor locations and beacons.
Digital Location Indexing
Thinking about use cases, we add a layer of contextual awareness in your location-based mobile app. By adding certain features like past purchase data, we improvise analytic understanding of the app. This makes your app to give incredibly intelligent notifications to the user they are interested in receiving.
Smart Contextual Beacons
Get ten to twenty times audience coverage and tons of insights to enhance your mobile business strategy. Location detector and other contextual triggers are coded to run in the background. This enables notifying customers about recent offers in that area at the right time and at the right place.
Background location Detection
While developing location-based mobile apps, we ensure to use geofencing around your business. It facilitates you to understand how many users are loyal to your brand and with your competition. You can use this data to divert users doing business with competitors with winback campaigns.
Geo-Fencing around the Competition
Useful for retailers, it confirms customer location to determine whether he/she is in store or not. From guiding, the customer to the store location to tracking their visit to certain sections it does everything, allowing you to provide a seamless shopping experience to your valued customers.
Confirm Location at Checkout
By intelligently using beacon technology, digital location indexing and detecting location in background users can share their real-time location with family and friends. Find taxis, buses, or metros and book them online, track shipments or search nearby places is possible with this kind of apps.
Real-time Location Tracking
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Location Based Mobile Apps

Emergency, Safety and Medical/Health Services

Recently, many governments allowed cellular operators to identify the subscriber location in case of emergency. Possibly, such apps are not revenue-generating apps but do play an important role in conceiving medical and safety services. Nevertheless, when combined with telemedicine these apps are revolutionizing healthcare industry.

Information Services

Mobile users are being provided with wide range of localized information like Weather forecasts, landmarks, restaurants, gas stations, repair shops, ATM’s, public transportation etc. By including other product database information, such as prices and other terms, then real time comparison-shopping may be feasible en-route or even inside stores


Apart from finding geolocation of the users, LBS Apps guide the user along the best routes. Many automobile manufacturers offer state-of-the-art GPS systems or telematics/automatic vehicle location tracking services in their vehicles. When integrated with real-time traffic data, to make routes contingent on current traffic conditions.

Transaction & Billing

E-commerce businesses have started using location-based mobile apps to market their products and services. LBS apps are being used to make payments for tickets at theaters, public transportations, and vending machines or for speedy checkouts. By using location based mobile apps e-commerce vendors are offering delighting experience to their users.

Asset Tracking & Fleet Management

LBS are specifically used to locate peoples, pets, objects vehicles etc. Transportation companies are using LBS to track their trucks in real time along with the contents inside delivery truck using onboard wireless LAN. LBS apps helped them achieve enhanced efficiency, better customer service, optimized delivery and preventing theft of valuable items.

Mobile Office

Enterprises are using different applications (Internal Information System Apps) for employees that are usually out of office. Often these applications are partnered with LBS apps for implementation. These apps & scheduling applications where the location of workers is tracked are used as mobile offices for various purposes.


There are immense possibilities for location-specific entertainment services. Games such as BotFighters, Pokémon Go, etc., use the location determination capability of the network and SMS messages sent from their mobile phones. Other entertainment apps based on LBS dating services, DJ requests in clubs, person-to-person messaging, etc.

Proximity Services

1 out of 5 smartphone user relies on location-based proximity services to find next bus, metro, to book a taxi, find nearby restaurant, gas station, etc. Proximity apps overlap many of the above app categories. These apps are used to inform users when they are at a certain distance from businesses, people or other things. Increase your reach with these apps.