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Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics – Helping Enterprises to Distinguish between Healthy Selectivity and Willful Ignorance

Many prominent companies and even startups are relying on Big Data to outpace the competition. Big data is being used not only for scale but also due to its real-time and highfrequency nature enabling real-time testing of business strategies. Big data analytics has brought about a tremendous evolution in the way we conduct business. Evolving from knowing culture to the learning culture, businesses are now taking objective decisions with actionable insights after embracing data-driven technologies. We have the experience, skills, and tools you require to turn your data into your core strategic asset. With expert analysis, we will help you turn your data into knowledge and your knowledge into sound decisions. Unlock Business Value & Realign Future with Data-Driven Intelligence

Take Smart Business Decisions With Our Data Analytics Services

exleon At Symphony, we help to turn your industry data into knowledge so that knowledgeable insights will help you in making sound decisions. We bring analytical maturity to the organizations making them smarter to work more efficiently and plan effectively.
Data Analytics
exleonData visualization is actually descriptive statistics used as a tool of visual communication, which involves creating and studying the visual representation of data. We communicate complex data clearly and intuitively to a targeted audience via a combination of charts, graphs, tables, etc.
Data Visualization
exleonWe empower businesses to meet the today’s demands while planning for tomorrow. Our unique data-tointelligence approach pushes us to our limits in offering integrated business intelligence strategy approach helping in data-driven decision-making.
Business Intelligence
exleonDay-by-day big data is growing in volume, variety, velocity, and complexity. We will help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data – allowing you to predict customer demand and make better decisions faster than ever before.
Big Data
exleonBy assessing your enterprise’s unique needs and opportunities we design a precise solution and process improvements offering a data delivery strategy helping organizations to govern what data is collected, how it is stored and integrated, who has access and what level of protection it needs.
Enterprise Data Management
exleonAnything you need in sales cycle analysis, lead conversion, RFM, Cross sell/Upsell opportunity, online ad spends, churn analysis, marketing mix optimization, segmentation, to customer profiling will be provided to you with tangible insights to take better and efficient decisions to enhance marketing productivity.
Marketing Analytics